Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nightlight Hewey

     I am packing for the Coyote Backbone 68 mile trail run. Run, not race as per the Race Directors. The Coyote Cohorts put on trail races/ runs with an emphasis on fun and frivolity over fast and furious. I've heard tale of their doings and am anxious to see for myself the whimsy of their ways.
     Coyote Backbone starts in Santa Monica (L.A.) and goes up to the Backbone trail system which wends northwest up the coast until it drops back down in Ventura 68 miles later. I expect the trails to be dry and rocky with a chance of Rattle snakes and movie stars. I hope I do not run into movie stars as they can be dangerous when threatened. For shoes I'm trying to decide between Gucci, Inov-8 or Montrail Rogue Fly.
     This run/ race starts in 3 waves. Slower runners begin at 6am, mid pack at 9am and faster folks start at 12 noon. The idea being lots of socializing on the trails and most people finishing at around the same time. I start at 12 which also means- bing- Night running! I love me some nightrunning. Which leads to: A NEW SPONSOR!
     I have been lucky enough to sign on with PRINCTON TEC for my headlamp and hand torch needs for 2013. I was sent a box of lights and batteries and have been trying them out and love them. After test running headlamps while marking Chuckanut 50K last week, I think I have my light system dialed in. I will be using the Apex pro headlamp (lithium version) and Amp hand held. The funny thing is that the Coyote Cohorts give each runner a nickname prior to the race which sticks with that runner forever. My nickname: Nightlight Hewey.
     Forecast is for rain in L.A. and a high of 67degrees. It sounds dreamy to this NW dude. I'm still deciding on what to wear (costumes are encouraged). And what to do to entertain aid station workers. If you put on a show they take minutes off your finish time. If you kvetch, they add minutes.
     I really should get to packing. Where did I put my sunglasses? Sunblock? Botox?

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