Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Waiting for the Rain

It is fall, things are changing as always, the slant of the sun, the colors, the picture on my Tribute to the Trails Calendar. I'm training for...?... I guess I'm training for the Carkeek Park 12 hour race at the end of October at least that is what my schedule is titled. Last year I ran it and set the course record. This year I will have to better last year's distance. It is something. I'm stir crazy. I haven't had a quad busting,   body depleting, can't get up the stairs race since SanDiego 100 in June. I've had some adventures sure but I'm going out of my mind with the desire to RACE. I also want to race something I care about.
     After my blow up at the TRT attempt I had to come to grips that my spider bite and resulting health downgrade was not something I could push through, rub some dirt on, ignore or rush. I was sooo tempted to hop into Cascade Crest 100 but didn't because I knew I wasn't 100%. I paced Jon Robinson at Wasatch 100 and took in valuable lessons for next year (lottery gods you owe me). I eyeballed The Bear 100 and wished I could have made that happen. Now here I am, stirring. I am ready.
     It looks like I will bide my time until Carkeek. Look out stairs I'm coming for you! I am in Sponsor gathering mode and am trying to put together a marketing myself campaign which is really difficult. I prefer to let my results speak for themselves but I think a little horn tooting may be in order. If anyone knows a business that wants to fly me to UTMB next year I'm all ears... and calves.
     Post script: Write kvetchy blog post on 10/3, find out Baker Lake 50k still has openings, 10/4. Sign up 10/4 for free, taper 10/5, race 10/6. Lead wire to wire, come in first, set Master's CR with a smile and a sunburn.

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