Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2012 review 2013 preview

It is alive! The blog wakes, a little groggy, after a long winter slumber. It looks around, sees an empty bottle of scotch, candy cane wrappers, a half full container of recovery drink powder. What the? Wiping the crust from its single eye it focuses on an expired 2012 Tribute to the Trails Calendar. There are races circled and notes jotted on at least one weekend of each month. Some have exclamation marks, some have tear smudges. The blog sits up, shakes its googly head and starts spitting up numbers: 3338 miles run, 64 miles per week, 9 miles per day. Wait... there is more: 11 ultras run, five wins, one failed FKT attempt, two marathons paced. Feeling better Bloggy attempts to stand, gets dizzy and sits back down, "Hooboy! 2012 was not all that easy." Here it comes, more info: Poisonous Spider Bite, bacterial infections, blood poisoning, chased by moose, ankle ligament, ten X tendonitis, dehydration, bonk de bonk bonk bonk. Better? Blog tries to sit up again. This time it works. Feeling lighter, feeling optimistic, head clearing, Blog stands. What's this? A crisp new 2013 Tribute to the Trails Calendar. Oh, it's on!

2013 is off to a great start. I tried to take as much of December off as possible to rest my body. I did race the Deception Pass 50k on Dec. 8th and got 8th place in an unexpectedly talented field. Lemons turned to Margaritas when I found out my time was the new Master's Course Record. Then the Margaritas turned back to lemons when I was informed I, once again, didn't clear the lottery for Western States 100. Either way, my scurvy has cleared up considerably.

Lotteries for important Ultras suck...unless you are ME! That's right. I got back into HARDROCK! The Ultra of Ultras. My goal has been to get back to Silverton and race Hardrock smart. It has been two long years of waiting and I'm finally back. July 12th & 13th. Hello verticle, it's me, Adam.

Tenative schedule for 2013 looks something like this:
Bridal Trails 50k, Orcas 50k, Coyote Backbone 68mile, Yakima 50k, Sun Mt. 50mile?, June? HARDROCK BABY, Squamish 50mile, Wasatch 100?(if not, UROC or RRR), oct,nov,dec.
Working on some exciting new sponsorship opportunities. I will keep Blog well fed all year but might give him next December off too... If he cleans up his room and brushes his teeth.

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