Thursday, January 26, 2012

2011 recap.

     It is almost the end of January and I haven't written a lick over the holidays. I had a plan to take December off and rest my body. I would run for sanity and to keep a base level of fitness. I had been expecting typical Seattle rain and dreary, dark days filled with gloom and coffee and excuses to NOT run. What I got was amazing weather and way too many miles in. I logged about 230 miles in December because I kept looking outside and thinking, "I better get this run in now before the weather turns to shit." So I would run and the weather never turned to shit. Thus, 230 miles and my base not only stayed firm, I believe it grew stronger. Even the holidays weren't stressful so my diet stayed solid and I had no need to do some crazy run off a cliff to counteract everyone else's crazy.
     As I try to write this recap of events, I'm being distracted mightily by a purring, silver, ball of kitten shaped fluff. Mr. Moto and his sister Moxie came to stay right before Christmas and having kittens in the house has raised our family fun quotient to new levels. No ping pong ball, noodle, or sleeping toe is safe.
     I've come to the conclusion, I'm good at running but not at lotteries. 2nd year in a row I've been shut out at both Hardrock 100 and Westernstates 100. As my competitive biological clock is ticking past year 44, I'm starting to get a bit frusterated I'm not getting the chance to compete in these big races. I'm still waiting for the lottery for Wasatch but not holding out too much hope. On the plus side, my year is starting to shape up like this:
January- Western Washington Fat Ass 50k- (First to finish in 5:03)
February 5th- Orcas 50k (I will not bonk this year)
March 17th- Chuckanut 50k (hate the race, love the event)
April 21- Yakima Rim 50k (must defend title)
May 5- Miwok 100k (my Ultrasignup % needs lowering)
June 9- San Diego 100 mile (focus race my Ultrasignup % needs raising)
July- Probably Whiteriver 50mile (still sponsored by Globespun Gourmet-Eat n Run, no, Run then Eat)
August- Cascade Crest 100mile? Tahoe Rim Assault 165 miler? Depends on Wasatch lottery.
September- Wasatch? (please) Bear? Run Rabbit Run?
October- Would I be dumb enough to do Carkeek 12 hour again? (Probably)
November- Prolly pace Seattle Marathon again 'cause I loves me some Gatoraid (not).
December- Take month off to recover (as if)
There it is, my definitive schedule for 2012!
     In other news, I had a knee which would not bend when asked, even nicely. The bending part or lack thereof was rather painful and, being both lazybusy and a great ignorer of pain I decided to just run on it and see what happened. It didn't get better. Eventually I had to consult an expert. My options were A. My DOCTOR who would have taken x rays (inconclusive) then a MRI (very expensive) and wanted to scope the thing to clean up the damage then sign me up for PT and recovery into April. or B. Consult Jane Hewey Reiki Master. I chose plan B because she looks better in a skirt than Dr. Mark Wagner. Anyhoo, she worked on my knee, she held it, she went in energetically and reminded my knee what it's true energy path is and reminded me to let go of holding pain there and allow the flow of movement to be unimpeded and healing to begin. Then it did. Within a week I was able to bend, to put on a shoe without pause, to get out of the car without the grimace. It works. Even if she wasn't my wife I would be writing this praise of Reiki as the way to health. I've been exposed to it too many times to ignore. I've seen too many people labeled and prescribed and sent on their way to repeat the cause of their infliction while the energy worker gives you the tools to cure yourself. I'm (obviously) a believer and my bendy knee can attest to it.
     Next week Team Fleet Feet gets it's first shipment of Montrail Shoes to wear with their Drymax socks. I am as excited as a little school girl. I hope to wear my Rogue Racers for Orcas (I will not bonk). Secret tip: Instead of GU, I've been using a baggie of Trader Joe's peanutbutter mini crackers. No sugar high, no sugar crash low, just a steady stream of carbs and protein making energy. Shhh don't tell anyone, let them continue to eat Gels and wonder why their stomaches turn on them.
     Final number on 2011:
Miles run- 3458 average 9.5/day 66.5/week
Races run- 11 (5 50ks, 2 50mile, 1 12hour, 2 100mil, 1 lil' marathon)
Race miles run- 541
Race hours run- 94
Wins- 2 (Yakima 50k, Carkeek 12 hour)

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