Thursday, February 10, 2011

2011 off to a blazing start.

     As I am in the middle of losing my first toenail of the year (the little piggy who had roast beef on the left) I thought I should recap the year to date. Bridle Trails was a great race, the weather was clear, the mud was less deep than years past and the sky was clear enough to stay lighter longer. The start was a gathering of Ultra friends I hadn't seen since late summer/ early fall and much catching up was in order. Sean Meisner made the trip up from Oregon to see what the old horse trail run was like.
     Before the run I chatted with Chris Twardzik who looked focused and ready after a year of injury recovery. I saw his determined look and his pirate fez and knew he'd be gunning for the glory of Bridal Trails Champion.
     The race started and I decided to make hay while the sun was shining. I ran fast for the first three laps and almost made it through the third lap without turning on my lights. The first 2 laps (5.2 miles) were around 35 minutes each, the third a little less. There were many people to pass on the loop course which is much easier in the daylight. Loops 4 and 5 were dark, colder and boring. The only thing interesting was the aid station avoiding a trail puke and getting updates about the Seahawks game from people by the parking lot. I ran almost the whole race alone except for the time I hung out with Phil Kochek before he dropped me. I finally hit loop six and turned the burners on as I realized I could break four hour for the first time in a 50k. Then the coyotes started howling somewhere out there in the dark... I ran faster, I cramped, I let up, howl, faster, cramp, I rode the red line to the finish and PRed in 3:50 besting my 2010 time and previous PR by 23 minutes. I finished 3rd to Champion Chris T. and Phil. Fun was had by all and Allen Skytta had an awesome race too finishing top ten.

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