Sunday, December 12, 2010

the power of two part two

Jeason Murphy and I ran together through the half marathon line way ahead of schedule, then on to lake Washington Blvd. where we picked it up more and started to pass people, again, we chatted, we joked, we relied on each other to keep calm and keep pushing. We hit a small hill, Jeason shot ahead, I caught up, he said, "that was my surge", I said, "oh, sorry." Then the real "marathon" hills hit at mile 21 (Madison hill) and the trail running legs took over, we shot past person after person, I started to cramp in a hamstring but took another S-cap and it went away, up and over Capitol Hill we went, then down the other side, as we could see the EMP we caught yet another runner then were unceremoniously passed by a 16 year old kid who was flying! He was a block past us by the time we threw it into overdrive. I put it all out and chased the kid for all I was worth. I slowly reeled him in and knew he was toast as we hit the stadium. He ran for the finish line, I sprinted. By the time I passed him, he didn't have enough course left to counter attack. I crossed the line in 2:56:23 a new PR! The kid came in three seconds later followed by Jeason 12 seconds after that to also PR. Jane, Hazel, Theo and Allen were at the finish as was a gloriously sunny Seattle sky. I was amazed to have run 26 miles of 26.2 with the company of a friend in a highly competitive event.
     The finish area was another friend fest with Heidi setting a PR. Annie qualifying for Boston yet again, seeing Dan Galant and finding out Joe Creighton also PRd. It was like the course was short by a mile this year only it wasn't. It seems as my friends get older, they are getting faster.
     End of story: Finished 24th overall, 4th Masters, 2nd in age division. Had a blast, destroyed my feet and heels on all that damn pavement and will undoubtedly be back for more next year. Warning: If you are running at a 6:44/mile pace next year, and Jeason isn't with me, bring an Ipod or earmuffs 'cause I'll talk your ears off.

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